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 Post subject: How to mod Mafia (Tutorial).
 Post Posted: Fri May 13, 2011 12:01 am 
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So, you want to learn to mod Mafia and do the things that RubyDragon949 and others do eh?. But you don't know how to get started?

Well, it may seem very puzzling and a lot to take in at first but once you know what it is your doing you'll find yourself having an absolute blast making your own Mafia Mods to contribute to this forum.

So without further ado, I present to you the Mafia Modding help page.

Step 1: Getting started.

The first thing you want to do is get yourself some decent tools. Can't be doing much without tools now can we? :).

Everything you need is right here

Tools. (Whice can be downloaded here the-downloads-section-all-links-go-here-t22.html)

Please note: None of these tools were made by me.

Mafia Editor: An absolute must have. It'll make your modding life ten times easier.

BScript View: This is how you'll get into the guts of your missions and be able to script your own events

Zmodeler 1.07: Use this to edit the models in Mafia (This is the only version of Zmodeler which comes with working Mafia 4ds file plugins)

Mafia Data Extractor : The most important thing, this is needed to extract the Mafia files for you to mod

Mafia Text Editor: Allows you to create your own text in Mafia

Mafia Weapon Value Editor : Allows you to edit the damage, recoil, et cetera of the weapons in Mafia

DCED : Useful for the things Bscript and Mafia Editor can't do

Once these have been downloaded read the readme files to see how to install each tool (Not every tool has a readme file in which case it just needs to be opened up and have a mafia file loaded to it, no installation required)

Step 2: Getting started part 2

PLEASE NOTE!: The tutorials I'm giving out are for the non-steam version of the game and also my operating system in Windows 7 so the instructions may differ a little bit depending on what system you have. People should be able to make the changes fine though.

First thing you'll need to do is to use the Mafia Data Extractor to extract the games files to patch the Rw_data.dll file (this patched file is what will allow to see changes in game). Once that is done the first thing that I advise you to do is to back up all the files you've extracted before doing anything else.

The files that you should see in your Mafia directory when you've extracted them should be.

If you also patched the Rw_data.dll file correctly you should have a "Rw_data.bak" file too. Take all of these files (the Rw_data.dll and the ones listed above) and back them up somewhere so that everytime you finish a mod or want to start a new one you just have to delete the existing modded files and put the backed up ones back in :)

With these files extracted and backed up you are now ready to start modding :D

Step 3: Your first mod

This will give you the basic idea of how to use the Bscript view and Mafia Editor tools

The mod aspect will give you a basic idea of scripting (which is the number one way to alter Mafia) I am going to show you how to create a Salieri gangster in freeride outside Salieri's Bar who will have a Tommy gun and will act as your bodyguard when you talk to him.

NOTE!: When modding, always run the tools as an administrator (For Windows Vista and above)

Step 1: Open up Bscript view and go to File/Load and go to your Mafia Directory, go to MISSIONS/FREERIDE and then load up the scene2.bin file.

Step 2: Now that thats loaded up go to Insert/Human then do the following...
■For this tutorial we shall name him "Salman" but you can call him whatever you want.
■Where it says "Model" just type in "Salman03.i3d"
■Where it says "Size" just type the number 1 in each of the three boxes
■Where it says "Behaviour" choose "No Reaction"
■Where it says "Aggression" change it from 0.5 to 1

Everything else can be left how it is. With this all done click insert.

Now that you've inserted your bodyguard you will need to place him outside Salieri's Bar. To do this we have to use Mafia Editor.

Step 3: Close Bscript view and open up Mafia Editor (running as adminstrator remember for Windows Vista/7 users) once its open go to File/Load Mission. A box should then appear saying "missions\". Do the following...
■After the "\" type in FREERIDE. So it should look like "missions\FREERIDE" and then click ok.

It'll take a minute or two to load. When it does you'll appear underneath the construction site in Hoboken near Yellow Pete's shop.

Step 4: Moving around in the editor is easy. Click the right mouse button to look around, use the "W,A,S,D" keys to move around and the "Q,E" keys to move up and down respectivly. If you hold CTRL+E you'll have a box come up where you can change the "camera speed" to whatever you want (1.000000 by default) for moving around the city to get where I want to be I usually set the speed to 30 until I get there and then change it back to 1.

Take a moment to pratice moving around, when your comfortable make your way to Salieri's Bar.

Step 5: Now that your outside Salieri's Bar you will want to place your bodyguard you made earlier outside here. So click on "Tools/Tool window" a large box should appear, scroll to the bottom and you should see "Salman". Click on him and then press the right mouse button and move forward a bit. Then press CTRL+M to make the "Salman" jump to your position. Zoom out a little bit so you can see him.

Now that you have "Salman" in view you will want to possibly rotate him and place him on the ground. To do this you can.
■Use CTRL+3 to select move mode and left click to move him around and ALT+Left mouse button to move him up and down to make him touch the ground.
■Use CTRL+4 to select rotatation mode and left click to rotate him so he is facing away from the wall.

Do this until you are comfortable with where you've placed him. The end result should look at little like this.


Your now half way there :)

With this done click on File/save (do it twice for reassurance) and then close Mafia Editor.

Step 5: Now re-open Bscript view and re-load your FREERIDE scene2.bin file

Step 6: Click on "Salman" and you should see a white box with \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ in there. Replace those lines with the following script.

enemy_vidim 0
dim_frm 4
dim_act 6
dim_flt 5
commandblock 1
findactor 0, "Salman"
findactor 5, "Tommy"
human_addweapon 0, 10, 50, 200
human_holster 0
frm_seton 3, 0
commandblock 0
human_set8slot 0, 1
let flt[3] = 1
{ up
if flt[3] = 0, -1, 1
Label F
enemy_action_follow 5, 1.2, CROUCH
goto F
label 1
goto 1
event use_ab
wingman_setindicator 0, 1, 0
enemy_vidim 1
label Follow
event_use_cb 1
if flt[3] = 1, 2, -1
enemy_forcescript 0
let flt[3] = 1
label 2
let flt[3] = 0

Then once copied and pasted just hit the "save" button and thats it. Your first mod has been made :)

And of course then there is...

Step 7: Run Mafia as administrator (for Windows Vista/7), load up Freeride - Daytime and enjoy :)

Of course, this was only a "How to" page to set the ball rolling for your own bit of modding greatness. There is so much more to Modding than what I've just shown you to do.

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 Post subject: Re: How to mod Mafia (Tutorial).
 Post Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2013 2:45 pm 

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The most important downloads don't work.

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 Post subject: Re: How to mod Mafia (Tutorial).
 Post Posted: Fri Nov 29, 2013 6:23 pm 

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Hi,man, please can you help me?put an other link for BScript View :roll:

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 Post subject: Re: How to mod Mafia (Tutorial).
 Post Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 8:06 am 

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Hey Cristi131,

You can make a normal google search of BScript View on Internet and you will got a lot of working links in search results..

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